4 day Back-to-Basic tour Pingpe

Experience the Pristine Jungle and the Authentic Culture of Upper – Suriname!

Unique in this tour is the Back-To-Basic Principle!

For two days you are going deep in the pristine jungle. In approximately 4 hours, depending on the walking pace of the group, you are going towards a big creek. During the walk the guide informs you about the flora and fauna, but also about the facts of the jungle in this area. At the creek there is a basic camp, where you will spend the night sleeping in a hammock covered with a mosquito net. You can go out fishing, learn about medicinal herbs, bathing in the sula or chilling in a hammock. An adventurous trip where you can have for dinner the Anjoemara you caught or listen to the sounds of the jungle. During this trip you will experience the jungle in an unaffected manner and forget life out there.

Day program

Day 1: Paramaribo – Jungle Resort Pingpe

If you travel by bus and canoe, you will be picked up in the morning between 08:00 and 08:30hrs from your hotel or guesthouse (within Paramaribo center). By bus the journey to Atjoni, the canoe jetty is about 2.5 hrs. On the way to Atjoni one begin to experience and enjoy the colorful culture Suriname  offers, particularly as you travel along little villages and settlements of Amer-Indians and Maroons. When you reached Atjoni you can stretch your legs and enjoy lunch. Meanwhile the canoe is being loaded for the trip to Jungle Resort Pingpe. After lunch you will travel for approximately 3.5 hrs over the beautiful Upper-Suriname River to Pingpe, but the duration of the trip depends on the tide of river. During your boat trip you will see many villages along the river and you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Besides that you see the locals busy with their daily activities such as doing their laundry in the river, fishing and children playing in the river.

When you travel by air, you take-off in the afternoon from the city airport Zorg en Hoop in Paramaribo. The flying time to airstrip Djumu, situated in the middle of Suriname’s rainforest, is about 45 minutes. From the aircraft you have a marvelous view of the jungle, the big plain of the forest and the winding rivers with different villages. From Djumu you will then travel by canoe for about 15 minutes to Pingpe Resort, where an appetizing meal is awaiting you.

After a warm welcome in Jungle Resort Pingpe and you settled in your cottage, you have the opportunity to swim and chill on the islands in the river. There after there is a walk through the village. After dinner you get to meet the local staff and the tour guide will tell you all about the Saramaccan culture, the language, interesting facts of the island, the surroundings and the program of the following day.

Day 2: Back-to-Basic, walking through the pristine jungle with overnight

After breakfast you travel by boat to Pingpe, where the back-to-basic experience will start. You walk with the guide deep into the pristine jungle. The staff will take care of food and drinks. After a walk of 4 to 5 hrs you run into a large creek with a basic camp, camp Anjoemara. During the walk the guide will inform you about the flora and fauna but also about the facts of the interior. The creek is good for swimming and bathing but you can also challenge yourself to do some fishing on Anjoemara or relax in a hammock with a book. After dinner you can enjoy a campfire (bonfire), before you lovely fell asleep in your hammock.

Day 3: Swimming in the gorgeous rapid and a cultural night

After breakfast and the dismantling of the camp, you walk back in 3 to 4 hours to the village of Pingpe. From there you go back to the Resort. After lunch you will go by canoe to Tapawatra sula, where you can swim and have a massage in the water. On the way back to the Resort the guide will take you the Health Centre of Djumu, which is a central medical station for the area. In the afternoon you can recover from your walk.  After dinner the locals treat you to an evening of culture; singing, dance and rhythm are the keywords of this evening whereby the women from the village get very excited and the guests join in on these evening activities.

Day 4: Jungle Resort Pingpe – Paramaribo

If you travel back by canoe and bus, you will, after breakfast, leave Pingpe Resort by canoe to Atjoni, which trip is about 2.5 hrs. In the boat or in Atjoni you can again enjoy a lovely lunch before your departure by bus to Paramaribo, a trip of about a 2 hrs.
If you travel by air, you still have time to enjoy the morning with swimming in the river, relaxing in the sun or reading a book in a hammock. Around midday it’s time for an early lunch. Then you go by canoe to the airstrip of Djumu and from there back to the city airport Zorg en Hoop in Paramaribo.

*Due to weather conditions or cultural activities, we may, in consultation with you, our guests, modify the day’s program taking into account the needs and preferences of our guests.

Key words:

  • A stunning boat trip over the Upper-Suriname River;
  • Encounter with the authentic culture of the Saramaccan people;
  • Great experience in the Suriname jungle with a lot of information about the local nature;
  • An experienced and passionate tour guide who likes to take you to his home;
  • Delicious meals prepared by the  by Chefs;
  • Chill and swim in the creek and the beautiful river;
  • A cultural evening full of surprises;
  • An unforgettable adventure;