Pingpe Jungle Resort is located on the Upper Suriname River opposite of the Saramaccan village called Pingpe (commonly known as ‘Pempe’). The resort is small built and equipped with all basic facilities. From the resort are you directly involved in the life of the Saramaccan tribe that lives at the River.

In the resort you will see how the Saramaccaners are living. They travel in their wooden canoes, do their laundry in the river and you can hear them welcoming you.  Meanwhile, you will fully enjoy the beautiful nature: the ever-changing light over the trees on the riverbank, the palm trees on the island, the noise of the sula (small waterfall) and the flying birds.  In the resort and in the village you will be greeted by the residents of Pingpe, who welcome you and make you feel at home and quickly learn your first Saramaccaans words (native tribal  language).

JRP 1 - Vooraanzicht

The resort was built by Kenpris Siesa (better known as/alias Chapeau), coming from the village Pingpe itself. Having worked for years as a guide for a large tour operator company, Chapeau was eager to show the tourists the beautiful surroundings of his village and the interior. At the request of the tribal Chief and the local women’s organization, Chapeau built his own resort, Jungle Resort Pingpe, to attract tourists and let them experience the beauty of the interior and the culture of the tribe.  In this manner   they would get exposed to new cultures and at the same time create employment opportunities for the youth. In addition, they aimed to reduce the migration of young persons to the city. As such, Jungle Resort Pingpe employs locals for all its duties.