The village Pingpe

On arrival in Pingpe village, a warm welcome would be extended to you by the residents and they will even teach you the first Saramaccaans words by their friendly greetings. Pingpe is an authentic maroon village, the home of about 200 persons. Maroons are the descendants of the runaway slaves who were originally brought from West Africa to work on the plantations. In the villages they have preserved the culture of their ancestors well. For their livelihood they normally depend among others on hunting, fishing, subsistence farming (slash and burn), forestry, medicinal plants.  From Paramaribo they are supplied with clothing, kitchenware, tools, rice, gasoline and outboard engines. When visiting the villages Pingpe and the surrounding village Semoisie you experience the authentic lifestyle, atmosphere and culture. Because tourism is still in an infant stage, the traditional village culture is preserved.

Ingang dorp Pingpe M Ontmoeting met de cultuur Pingpe dorp