In Jungle Resort Pingpe you will receive a warm welcome from our staff. The staff members are from the village Pingpe or from surrounding villages. They work with great pleasure at the Resort, where they have the opportunity to make new contacts and learn about other cultures. We would like to introduce to you some staff of Jungle Resort Pingpe:

Employees at Jungle Resort Pingpe – kitchen and housekeeping work


In the Resort Trace and other local employees are working. They take care of the meals and the maintenance of the resort. Chef Trace and her team will show you their way of cooking, whereby they are putting together a varied menu for the tour. To prepare the meals they use as much as possible fresh vegetables from the Resort‘s vegetable garden.  Besides the permanent staff the Resort hires local guides and boatsmen for all other activities.

Kenpris Chapeau Siesa – Guide and owner of Jungle Resort Pingpe

Kenpris Siesa, alias ‘Chapeau’, opened Jungle Resort Pingpe in 2007.

Chapeau siesa kenpris

Chapeau’s passion is, to let his guests   experience his culture and enjoy the nature of ‘his’ Boven-Suriname in an enthusiastic way. With his knowledge and enthusiasm your trip to the interior of Suriname will be an unforgettable experience. As he puts it: “When I am in the jungle, I feel at home.” He likes to take you to his ‘home’, where you get to know the maroon culture end enjoy a wonderful adventure!

Chapeau is very busy – both with his guests an d with the residents of Pingpe and the persons from surrounding areas. The resort presents possibilities to support social projects in the community and thereby creates employment opportunities, funds special projects in Pingpe village and at the school in Semoisie.

Telephone:(00597) 87680148 / 08858525

Contact information:

Telephone: (00597) 08768014 / 08858525 / (0) 420472
Paramaribo, Suriname

The staff of Jungle Resort Pingpe cordially welcomes you!