Jungle Resort Pingpe offers fully catered tours to Boven-Suriname. During the three- to six-day tours you will be accompanied by an expert guide, who is originating from the interior of Suriname. The resort is located on the Boven-Suriname River, a 3.5-hour journey by canoe from Atjoni, the last village accessible by road where residents in this part of the country have well preserved their authentic lifestyles. As a result, you will experience and enjoy the authentic culture of the Saramaccaners during your jungle tour. Be sure that long after your holiday in Jungle Resort Pingpe you will still remark about how enjoyable your stay in Suriname was. We of Pingpe Resort work with a program carefully designed, made of a blend of nature and culture. Our passionate guide tells you extensively about the culture, lifestyle, the flora and fauna of the area and also takes into account your interest and wishes.

Uniquely in our tour/ is the multi-day jungle hike, the ‘Back-to-Basics Experience’!

During this two-and three-day ‘jungle experience’ you will discover the jungle of Suriname in an adventurous way. From the village Pingpe you walk approximately four hours, depending on the pace of the group, to a big creek. During the walk our guide cuts a path for you and as necessary he will lay trunks down for you to cross small creeks. The guide informs you widely about the flora and fauna around you, the medicinal plants of the forest and their uses. At the creek there is a basic camp, where you will overnight in a hammock fitted with a mosquito net. In camp Anjoemara (local fish name), one can enjoy the sounds of the jungle, bath in the sula, fish or chill in a hammock. An adventure where you could possibly eat your own caught Anjoemara at dinner. During your stay in camp Anjoemara you will experience and taste the pristine jungle in a unique way and forget about the life outside.

Take a sneak preview on your Back-to-Basic tour!